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The topics that I discuss on Sav Says have all been researched thoroughly. If you would like to learn more about the research undertaken on a particular subject, please use the resources provided below. 

MIDTERM MADNESS: Violent Leftists Reactivated Ahead Of The Midterms

MIDTERM MADNESS: Violent Leftists Reactivated Ahead Of The Midterms

We are two weeks out from the 2022 midterms and the militant left has been reactivated just in time for the Democrat's loss. It seems that the party's decision to campaign on gender identity and abortion was off the mark as Republicans gain dominance ahead of November 8th. _____________________________________________ OLDE COUNTRY SOAP: Checkout my favorite all-natural, locally sourced soaps from Made on a farm in South Dakota, these chemical free, Amish-made soaps will not disappoint. USE COUPON CODE "SAV" FOR 20% OFF YOUR ORDER GET YOUR SOAP HERE: _________________________________________________________ AMERICAFEST 2022: If you would like to meet me in person I will be attending TPUSA's AmericaFest, Dec 17-20th! This event will be held in Phoenix, AZ and I hope to see you there! Use coupon code "SAV" for 20% off: GET YOUR TICKETS NOW: _________________________________________________________ PODCAST: APPLE PODCAST: SPOTIFY: _________________________________________________________ SUPPORT MY WORK: CASHAPP:$SavSays WEBSITE: SUBSCRIBESTAR: _________________________________________________________ FOLLOW ME: INSTAGRAM: TRUTH SOCIAL: RUMBLE: _________________________________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS: 10730 Potranco Rd Suite 122 Box 499 San Antonio, TX 78251
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